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Technology is Changing the Face of Marketing, but Not its Value.

As technology transforms our world at a blazing pace, trying to keep up can feel frenetic. The pressure to perform in this rapidly evolving environment can confuse our compass heading toward business value —marketing’s true north.


Cyclone was built from the ground up as a brand and digital marketing agency. Using data, analysis, creativity, technology, and a time-tested sense of direction, we serve as a strategic and consultative partner in this landscape. We help organizations navigate change and opportunity, while staying focused on helping them solve difficult communication challenges.



Brand Positioning
Content Marketing
Client Research and Discovery
Competitive Landscape
Marketing Plans
Social Media
Buyer Persona


Logo Designs
Brand Identity Systems
Voice, Messaging, and Taglines
Brand Guidelines and Standards

Messaging and Content

Content Marketing Plans
Thought Leadership Content
Content Creation and Production
eBooks, White Papers, Case Studies
Infographics and Visual Content
Messaging Platforms


Custom Web Design and Programming
WordPress, Mura, Drupal (CMS)
Microsites and Landing Pages
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web Analytics
Assessment and Survey Tools
Interactive Content


Brand Videos
Case Studies & Thought Leadership
Client Testimonials
Motion Graphics & Animations
On-site Production and Post Production
Storyboarding and Script Writing


Email Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing