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Technology is Changing the Face of Marketing, but Not its Value.

As technology transforms our world at a blazing pace, trying to keep up can feel frenetic. The pressure to perform in this rapidly evolving environment can confuse our compass heading toward business value —marketing’s true north.

Cyclone is a brand strategy, digital marketing, and customer experience firm. Using insight, intuition, creativity, technology, and a time-tested sense of direction, we serve as a strategic and consultative partner in this landscape. We help organizations navigate change and opportunity, while staying focused on helping them solve difficult communication challenges.

  • Content Development for Thought Leadership

    Transform your expertise into a story no one can resist
  • Content Marketing & Social Marketing

    Make sure your brand is heard across touchpoints
  • Brand Development & Marketing

    Stake your claim in the marketspace

Content Development for Thought Leadership

Transform your expertise into a story no one can resist

Throughout your relationship with your clients, prospects, and markets, you’ve recognized your organization’s thought leadership as a key differentiator. Communicating the right knowledge and industry prowess, at the right time in the sales cycle, can uncover business opportunities and build your organization’s reputation. From inception to promotion, we work with clients of all sizes – startups, high-growth, and Fortune 100 enterprise firms – to create great stories. We roll up our sleeves with marketing teams and subject matter experts to uncover the narrative that differentiates, design a compelling framework for its development, then drive the creation and delivery of content across your marketing and communication channels.

Bring us in when you need help…

  • Transforming your knowledge into content.
  • Telling a complicated story about your product or service.
  • Bridging the gap between your marketing team’s core capabilities and creating compelling content.
  • Creating a new content approach to raise the level of conversation about your organization’s knowledge and thought leadership.

We deliver…

  • Video content
  • Interactive content
  • Animation
  • Infographic-based content
  • Written content (articles, white papers, case studies, messaging)
  • Promotion strategies and creative materials

Content Marketing & Social Marketing

Make sure your brand is heard across touchpoints

Your audience connects with your brand through content across many channels and multiple devices. How you amplify content is just as critical as how you create it. With a strategic foundation, creative and compelling content builds awareness, differentiates brands, and enables sales. We help companies of all sizes research and define content and social strategies that resonate with their brand promise and value proposition, design and create content for various scenarios, and publish and amplify their content across your communication and social media platforms.

Call us when you need help…

  • Designing and documenting your strategies.
  • Creating new content ideas and approaches to connect with your audience.
  • Extending your content team to create more compelling content.
  • Putting together a formal content marketing and social strategy.

We deliver…

  • Content and social strategies
  • Strategic messaging
  • Interactive content
  • Video content
  • Self-assessment and analysis tools
  • Written content (articles, white papers, case studies, messaging)
  • Publishing calendars

Brand Development & Marketing

Stake your claim in the marketspace

Branding and marketing are critical to success regardless of your growth stage. Employing the right resources, at the right time, requires a strategic understanding of which blueprint will drive the best impact. Whether you’re a start-up building a brand from scratch, or a high-growth firm looking to expand your brand and marketing initiatives, our team works with you to make the best of your valued resources to boost your endeavors to the next level. As an extension of your team, we focus our efforts on creating brand and marketing deliverables that speak to a variety of audiences – including clients, prospects, investors, and the media.

Talk to us when you need help…

  • Creating a new website or redesigning an existing website.
  • Building a brand and marketing strategy from the ground up.
  • Raising your brand and marketing efforts to the next level in your growth stage.
  • Debuting a new product or service.
  • Pursuing new markets.

We deliver…

  • Brand and marketing strategy.
  • Websites and other digital assets.
  • Messaging platforms.
  • Brand platforms and usage guidelines.

Industry Expertise

Information Technology
Architecture / Engineering / Construction
Professional Services
Financial Services
Music & Entertainment



Business development


Messaging platforms
Case studies
Research insights
Copywriting, editing, proofing
Video storyboarding
Thought leadership storyboarding


Responsive web design
Web-based application development
Content management systems
Assessment and survey tools


User experience and interface design
Website and mobile design
Brand design
Infographics and interactive infographics
Video production and editing
Animation and motion graphics
Interactive content


Brand strategy
Brand positioning platforms
Brand architecture