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4 Decades of Constructing Relationships

Communicating Old-Fashioned, People-First Values in a Modern World


With nearly one-half a century’s experience in construction and renovation, Colantonio has grown from a small firm with a hometown credo to a proven leader in the field. Managing complex construction and renovation projects spanning both the public and private sectors, the Massachusetts-based firm offers preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services as well as self-performance in five trades. Throughout, Colantonio has earned trust by operating with integrity and treating people the way they want to be treated themselves. This commitment to old-fashioned ideals extends to the relationships forged with employees, clients, partners, and the community at large, and has served as the foundation for the firm’s success.


  •   Client Research and Discovery
  •   Competitive Landscape
  •   Strategy
  •   Voice and Messaging Platform
  •   Web Design and Programming
  •   Photography
  •   Video Post-Production

The Challenge

Like in many industries, technology is changing the face and the future of construction. To keep pace, Colantonio had the challenge of evolving its brand identity and accompanying promotional materials. It would be imperative to address an evolving market while capitalizing on the extensive work experience accrued over four decades in business and staying true to a services model based on earned trust and team building. Also, the firm wished to increase awareness of its self-performance capabilities, knowing that these services give Colantonio an advantage versus the competition regarding minimizing costs, controlling schedules, and ensuring the highest quality.

Colantonio Website

The Approach

As part of their 40th Anniversary Celebration, Colantonio enlisted Cyclone to guide them through a complete website re-design. To capture real-time information that would inform the new platform, our marketing strategists guided Colantonio through a client research and discovery exercise, and competitor and industry landscape analysis. These processes helped to identify the brand’s defining characteristics, outline the marketplace, and provide strategic insights about strengths and positioning opportunities for Colantonio.

The resulting data was used to refine the brand’s voice and messaging platform and to create a fresh website with a modern user interface (UI) with whimsical design elements. We included high-end photography, video, and infographics that helped to tell the story of the company’s long history and myriad service offerings in a visually stimulating and memorable way. Utilizing Wordpress, we were able to deliver a cost-efficient construct that was well suited for a regional firm of Colantonio’s size. This also allowed us to incorporate creative elements that felt more unique, less predictable, and less corporate — both in keeping with Colantonio’s people-first culture and to stand out versus other sites in the firm’s competitive landscape.



“We are so pleased with the outcome of our partnership with Cyclone. Our new website establishes our deep construction expertise and positions us for the technology demands of the future, without losing sight of our personal, relationship-building history.”

Fran Colantonio
Chairman and CEO
Colantonio Construction


The Results

The new site has earned Colantonio a seat at the table in several request for proposal processes with new clients and has been well received among existing clients and employees alike.

Qualitative market feedback confirms that the refresh delivers on key strategic objectives of reflecting Colantonio’s hard-earned position as a significant competitor in the Massachusetts construction market, capturing the firm’s people-first approach and strong reputation for integrity, and demonstrating the unique benefits offered via the company’s self-performance capabilities.

And perhaps most important, the Colantonio team tells us that while the final product exceeds their expectations, they were most surprised that our process did too.

“The value of being able to help a small marketing team like ours through a major website overhaul is not to be underestimated. It’s not an undertaking we face often, and throughout the project we were continually pulled away to focus on the day-to-day demands of our own business. Cyclone was instrumental in guiding us through the process, and leading the way as we needed, offering best-in-class solutions every step of the way.”

Amy Fahey
Marketing Manager
Colantonio Construction