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Road-Mapping an Industry

Maturity Assessment Delivers Strategic Value for IT Leader and Its Clients

The Situation

Organizations begin cloud-computing initiatives with an expectation of lower technology costs and increased business agility. However, the impact of cloud on traditional IT environments and the number of technology choices involved can slow an organization’s progress. The complexity of managing these cloud initiatives grows significantly as more cloud services are consumed, and even experienced companies question what they should be doing differently to maximize the value of their investment.

As the largest independent multi-cloud managed services provider, Data Intensity has a unique position to provide thought leadership to the market — helping organizations understand not only the challenges and opportunities when moving to different cloud solutions but also the specific next steps needed on their journey to success.  


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The Approach

Data Intensity partnered with Cyclone Interactive on the creation of the Cloud Maturity Assessment Index (CMAI), a multifaceted assessment tool designed to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s cloud strategy and adoption across business operations, financial insight and reporting, security, governance, and talent development.

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By answering a 14-question survey, CMAI respondents are given an opportunity to access Data Intensity’s expertise and receive personalized strategic guidance that will help them overcome challenges and master their cloud journey.

The outcome of the assessment gives respondents a sense of how their maturity score indexes against industry peers and offers relevant recommendations for improvement. Users in the earlier stages of adoption, for example, may be given information to help them understand which workloads are right for which cloud platform.


The Results

The Cloud Maturity Assessment Index (CMAI) has addressed a clear need in the market. Conducted in January 2019, the initial study for the index is based on multi-industry interviews of 84 US-based companies with a revenue base of $100 million or more. Today, the online assessment continues to attract respondents hungry for a better understanding of the cloud adoption journey, where they fit in terms of readiness and maturity, and the steps they should consider to achieve long-term, sustainable success.

Beyond delivering value to respondents across the cloud adoption continuum, the CMAI is playing an essential role in establishing and promoting the tailored strategies that Data Intensity offers to the market. The company has never had this kind of insight into their customers before. Assessment responses are driving the discovery of rich and actionable insights, making the CMAI a truly valuable asset and giving the head of product marketing a rare and in-depth look at the industry. It is helping to underscore and bolster the company’s leading-edge stance with unique insight into the industry.