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Redefining an Industry

A disruptive new brand in global executive search needed a marketing strategy to engage C-suite leaders with a new alternative.


Acertitude is on a quest to revolutionize global executive search — a bold goal in an industry where five Goliath-like players with entrenched business models have dominated the market for over 40 years.  Like most innovators, this team saw a unique market opportunity to provide clients better experiences and impactful, lasting solutions in their search for executive talent.  

Acertitude’s story is one of harnessing the perfect storm. It was both a startup breaking into an established oligopoly and a proven team suited to address weak points in the industry. Uniquely positioned to answer the call of dissatisfied clients, Acertitude addresses the market with a new approach built on a foundation of recognized leadership in the industry. Seizing this opportunity, the firm is rapidly evolving from startup to high growth.


  •   Client Research and Discovery
  •   Competitive Landscape
  •   Strategy
  •   Voice and Messaging Platform
  •   Web Design and Programming
  •   Video Production
  •   Campaign-as-a-Service

“Cyclone continues to challenge us to think beyond who we are today and focus on what we will be tomorrow. That’s what a trusted adviser looks like.”

Kevin R. O’Neill
Founder + Managing Partner

The Market

Acertitude needed a B2B marketing strategy to differentiate itself as the firm reinventing the way this business was done. “Globalization, digital transformation, and changing workplace dynamics are making successful leadership recruitment even more critical,” says Founder and Managing Partner Kevin O’Neill. “The cost for failure continues to rise, and business leaders recognize that if they don’t get it right, their competitors will speed past them.” 

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Unleashing Potential

To establish Acertitude as a top-tier search firm and a striking alternative to existing industry giants, Cyclone created a sustainable marketing strategy that leveraged the unique value proposition the company brings to the marketplace. For its initial launch, Cyclone orchestrated a brand messaging platform, content marketing and social media strategy, prelaunch campaigns, and brand integration strategy that carried across traditional and digital channels.

In its ongoing work with Acertitude, Cyclone leads multichannel, B2B marketing initiatives — including thought leadership and research-based content marketing, sales enablement, and communication strategies — that bring to life the company’s brand promise of realizing human potential. Throughout these programs, Cyclone works with its client in the creation and publishing of information-rich, credible assets including web landing pages, videos, infographics, industry reports, PR, and case studies for distribution across Acertitude’s communication channels. 

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Brilliant Results

“At Acertitude, we celebrate the fulfillment of human potential. I can say, unequivocally, that the Cyclone team represents some of our favorite ‘Brilliant people at work.’ Our launch and year-over-year revenue growth has been resoundingly positive. In a field dominated by the establishment offering prepackaged solutions, Acertitude is earning a seat at the table with leading organizations worldwide. Cyclone has been instrumental in establishing and growing a successful strategy that drives conversations with our key audiences — the highest offices at high-growth and enterprise companies. We are grateful for their strategic leadership and ongoing help engaging C-suite leaders in conversations that build our business.” 

Kevin R. O’Neill
Founder + Managing Partner

Acertitude Website Page

Brand Video

From its initial launch, Acertitude set out to communicate its unique approach and value proposition to C-suite and executives. To capture the brand value and convey the momentum of the launch, Cyclone created a brand video and worked with Acertitude to produce a video brochure – a premium branded print piece that includes an LCD screen, button controls, and speakers. This was wrapped in a high touch package which also included a company brochure and branded promotional assets.

Acertitude Video Book

High Touch Executive
Brand Awareness Collateral