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4 Decades of Constructing Relationships

Communicating Old-Fashioned, People-First Values in a Modern World


With nearly one-half a century’s experience in construction and renovation, Colantonio has grown from a small firm with a hometown credo to a proven leader in the field. Managing complex construction and renovation projects spanning both the public and private sectors, the Massachusetts-based firm offers preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services as well as self-performance in five trades. Throughout, Colantonio has earned trust by operating with integrity and treating people the way they want to be treated themselves. This commitment to old-fashioned ideals extends to the relationships forged with employees, clients, partners, and the community at large, and has served as the foundation for the firm’s success.


  •   Client Research and Discovery
  •   Competitive Landscape
  •   Strategy
  •   Voice and Messaging Platform
  •   Web Design and Programming
  •   Photography
  •   Video Post-Production

The Challenge

Like in many industries, technology is changing the face and the future of construction. To keep pace, Colantonio had the challenge of evolving its brand identity and accompanying promotional materials. It would be imperative to address an evolving market while capitalizing on the extensive work experience accrued over four decades in business and staying true to a services model based on earned trust and team building. Also, the firm wished to increase awareness of its self-performance capabilities, knowing that these services give Colantonio an advantage versus the competition regarding minimizing costs, controlling schedules, and ensuring the highest quality.

Data Intensity
Enterprise-Class Website
Data Intensity Website

Transforming the Marketing Engine

—Data Intensity partnered with Cyclone to drive digital transformation throughout the customer journey — including the campaign and demand generation process — reflecting the company’s commitment to and ongoing investment in the managed services marketplace.




During the first ten months, Cyclone worked with the company’s CMO and marketing team to build a new messaging platform that was carried throughout multiple collateral pieces including a renewed company brochure, services and solutions briefs, digital content, and case studies. To support the new brand launch, Cyclone produced two brand videos, a collection of sales, investor, and internal brand presentations, the company’s first extensive content marketing campaign, and the relaunch of the company’s website.

Throughout, Cyclone played a vital role in the company’s lead-generation campaigns including multi-staged email and social media campaigns, surveys, and promotional landing pages. Finally, our team helped Data Intensity “take the show on the road,” supporting the company with tailored content brand experiences for various conferences and expos, including landmark events with Oracle and Amazon.

Quantifiable Business Results

Cyclone helped this established industry leader fine-tune its voice and innovate its communications to forge valuable connections with customers in an increasingly complex market. Within the span of a year, Data Intensity has evolved to a best-in-class marketing organization leveraging CaaS (Campaign-as-a-Service) and marketing on-demand to successfully drive marketing- and sales-qualified leads from email nurture campaigns, sponsorship and participation in marquee events, and thought leadership content to grow the business.

“Marketing generated or influenced less than 1% of the revenue in 2017. In 2018, we’re on target to drive 15.5% of the revenue. And the kicker is that the 2018 budget was lower than the 2017 marketing budget. We were able to make this level of impact with Cyclone as our partner.”

June Manley
Data Intensity


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