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Design in User Experience

The Planeta Design Group site establishes continuity with the brand experience across devices, while providing flexibility for the user on where and when they view the content.


Planeta Design, a Boston-based design and interiors studio, enlisted the help of Cyclone for the design and development of its new web site. Communicating the Planeta Design “clean and crisp” brand, the site features a full-screen imagery graphic premise, coupled with a responsive web design. Our approach represents the latest in web site design: targeted practices with methodologies that respond to the user’s device, taking into consideration the user persona.



“We take great care in how we represent our studio in the AEC marketplace. It’s a delicate balance of the quality of design we deliver and the relationship we strive for with our clients. Cyclone has been a great steward of that brand and has been a leading partner in the execution of the digital marketing and brand strategy for Planeta Design. The result has been very successful. It’s a web experience that surpasses our competitors, is consistent with our other marketing efforts, and positions us well with our partners.”

Patrick Planeta
Planeta Design Group
desktop view of Planeta Design Group project page

Project Highlights

Interface Design
Resonsive Web Design
Content Management System
Progressive Enhancement Technology
Social Media Support
Creative Conceptualization