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Based in Silicon Valley, Phala Data is a leading provider of big data solutions with one key mission — to provide enterprise executives with actionable insight based on analysis of marketing, sales, and finance data. The company launched its analytic platform to help companies break down the silos between disparate business units and provide a single, holistic view of a company’s performance and ability to generate revenue.


  •   Brand and Identity System
  •   Voice and Messaging Platform
  •   Web Design and Programming
  •   Video Brochure
  •   Investor Communications
  •   Content Marketing – Plan, Design, Execution
  •   Corporate Presentations
  •   Video

The Art of Insight

Cyclone worked with Phala Data to build the company’s brand and marketing voice from the ground up. Leveraging the compelling value that the company’s product and services brought to the market, Cyclone helped the firm’s founder launch the company and engender the awareness of the market and investors through a multifaceted campaign.

Phala Data Website
Phala Data

Over a two-year engagement, Cyclone created multiple deliverables, including a company brand and identity system, a firm voice and messaging platform, a stable of information collateral, video brochure and high-touch executive pieces, investor and media relations collateral, and the company’s website.

Phala Data
High Touch Executive
Brand Awareness Collateral
Video Brochure

Brand Video