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Reinventing the Workplace

Cisco created a solution for improving its office environments, while reducing CAPEX costs and energy consumption, and improving its employee satisfaction.


Cisco has a 22 million-square-foot real estate footprint, spread across more than 500 buildings worldwide, housing its sales, marketing, engineering and other staff in what had been traditional cube-farm office environments. The Cisco Connected Workplace is a solution targeted at improving those environments, and encompasses corporate interior design, facilities management, technology optimization and improved HR policies.

It fundamentally changed Cisco’s office interiors in a manner that suits its highly mobile workforce - one where 89% telecommute at least once a week and 32% define themselves as truly mobile workers. This innovative office space solution reduces capital costs, improves utilization by more than 30%, and has raised employee satisfaction rates. In fact, 77% of the company’s workers indicate they prefer the Connected Workplace environment over the traditional one.


To communicate the best practices and expertise behind the solution, Cyclone crafted a multi-track program focused on engaging Cisco’s subject matter experts, identifying thought leadership topics of value to various audiences, and implementing an eighteen-month creative and production project for building and delivering a variety of immersive content projects.  The primary piece is an in depth web-based interactive that features video and an interactive tour through key locations in the new workplace environment. 

Project Highlights

Overall Program Design and Conceptualization
Creative Conceptualization
Content Development
Strategic Messaging, Voice, and Script Development
Thought Leadership

Video Production, Post Production, and Motion Graphics
Content Marketing Program
Corporate Brand Compliance
HTML5 Implementation
Responsive: Desktop, Tablet


3D Model Based on Architect’s CAD files
Used as Navigation Base in the Interactive Tour

Featured Videos

The Connected Workplace interactive features 12 videos that communicate the design and benefits of the program. These stories include executive insight on the business drivers and policy, facilities management, technology structures and policies, and three videos documenting the program success from a user perspective.

Cyclone worked with Cisco in identifying the key messages on the design and benefits of the program, and created a content development strategy that helped to communicate the success of the new work environment.

Executive Insight

Dave Wagner
Vice President-Finance, Cisco

Making it Work

Rich Gore
Customer Strategy and Success, Cisco

A Day in the Life

Ronald Wong
IT Analyst, Cisco

Beauty Shots and B-Roll Video Footage

To showcase the design and usability of various areas of the Connected Workplace, Cyclone utilized various B-Roll and “Beauty Shot” videotaping techniques to capture the architectural design and experience of the various spaces.

The footage featured in this B-Roll demo reel includes footage from various sites including locations at Cisco’s San Jose and Bangalore, India campuses.