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About Us.

What do the world’s largest IT networking company, New England’s number one construction subcontractor, and a twenty-time Grammy-winning jazz guitarist have in common? They all have unique stories to tell. They all need high-octane creative solutions that stop influencers in their tracks and make them listen. And they all rely on Cyclone Interactive to make it happen.

Cyclone creates innovative branding and marketing initiatives for bold thought leaders and fearless innovators across a variety of disciplines.

Our History

In the beginning, Cyclone primarily worked in the music and entertainment industries but quickly caught the attention of hospitality, financial services, higher education, architecture / engineering / construction, high-tech, and nonprofit organizations along the way. ITT, Starwood Hotels, Motorola, John Hancock, and others enlisted Cyclone to help build and deploy their marketing and web-based business initiatives.


Today, Cyclone Interactive is a leading digital agency, creating the online and digital image of its clients, partnering and strategizing with them to discover how best to utilize digital media to reach and motivate their audiences. As a pioneer in the interactive and web development arenas, Cyclone has helped its clients explore new pathways to information sharing, providing the strategic guidance, creative drive, and technological prowess to take advantage of new opportunities as they emerge.

In its deep 23-year history, Cyclone has acted as a strategic partner, deploying marketing and branding integration initiatives, developing comprehensive content, creating effective interface and information designs, partnering strategically for its customers’ marketing initiatives, spearheading custom technology development and integration projects, and developing and deploying its own suite of technology solutions.

We specialize in exploring the deep connections between business goals and the creative and technological capabilities. We help clients use creative and technology to express their unique offering in the most compelling fashion possible. We achieve this goal through our ability to partner with clients to develop and refine strategy, then translate that into work that is clear, lucid in content, clean in design, and technologically sound.